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2022-2023 Committee


                          President (Acting)                        Vice President (Acting)

                                 Kathleen Forrest                                      Pamela Hempel

                                      Treasurer                                    Secretary Minutes

                            Suzanne Shaw                                 Various Members


                                             Secretary Corresponding                                 

                                                               William Hempel                                  

                                                  Committee Members

                                                  Joy Jorgensen            Rae Moore      

                     Judith O Donohue             Jason Prior        Heather Threlfall


                     THE FELLOWSHIP OF FIRST FLEETERS                                                HAWKESBURY-NEPEAN CHAPTER

                                 Background Information


Our Chapter was officially formed on May 9th, 2015, when Ian Palmer, the then President of the Fellowship, opened our meeting at Windsor.  The then Chapter Development Officer, Jon Fearon, commented on the enthusiasm and hard work of director Sharon Lamb, as well as William and Pamela Hempel in setting up our Chapter. The duly elected inaugural officers and committee were President Sharon Lamb, Vice President Pamela Hempel, Treasurer Terry (Theresa) Ewan, Secretary William Hempel and Committee Members Jenny Baldwin and Heather Threlfall.


There were many interesting discussions about what our Chapter should be named. Suggestions included Green Hills, the original name of the Windsor settlement. However, just like our Homepage photo depicts, we extend along the reaches of the Hawkesbury and Nepean Rivers, and include the lower Blue Mountains. So, the name Hawkesbury-Nepean Chapter was chosen.


Since February 2020, our meetings have been held bi-monthly on the third Saturday of the month in venues that cover the geographical breadth of the Chapter. Beginning with the October 2022 meeting, we will return to the second Saturday.  This includes the Tebbutt Room at Hawkesbury Regional Library, the meeting room at Penrith Library and St Andrews Presbyterian Church hall in Springwood. However, since the pandemic, Penrith Library has been unavailable.


We have an enthusiastic and experienced committee that meets prior to our chapter meetings and works very hard to provide interesting and relevant speakers and excursions in our area. Our Schools Project, whereby First Fleet route and vessel framed posters are presented to local schools, is the envy of other Chapters. This is a joint initiative with the Lions Club of Richmond.


Our Chapter has grown to 71 members. We welcome all new members and visitors, young or old, in fellowship to our Chapter.

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