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Saturday 14th April 2018 Excursion

     Amid the bustle of modern Parramatta lies St. Johns cemetery which
was the focus for Hawkesbury Nepean FF Chapter to have a walking
tour with historian Judith Dunn.The pioneers there give rise to names of
our suburbs and streets of today. The earliest headstone legible is of
Henry Dodd ,Governor Phillips Butler who died in 1791. Samuel
Marsden also known as” the flogging parson” is there as is Surgeon
John Harris of the Experiment farm and also Harris Park. Australia's
first Surveyor General Baron Augustus Alt whose name lives on as a
street in Ashfield is there. St. Johns is the oldest cemetery in
Australia with 17 marked First Fleeter graves and 65 unmarked .To
someone interested in early Australian History it is certainly worth a visit.

Article by Judith O'Donohue

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