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             FFF Hawkesbury Nepean Chapter

First Fleeters with Chapter Member Descendants

Acres/Akres, Thomas             Arndell,Thomas                    

Baker, William                       

Barnett, Daniel                      

Barrisford, Hannah   

Barrisford, John                    Cavenaugh, Owen     

Colethread, John       

Colpitts, Ann              

Cusley, Benjamin                   

Darnell, Margaret                  

Davis Mary                 

Day, Samuel   

Dickenson, Mary        

Dring, William                        

Eggleton, William                  

Ellam, Deborah                      

Everingham, Matthew          

Fishburn, Andrew                 

Forbes, Ann                

Forrester, Robert                   

Gascoigne, Olivia        

Goodwin, Andrew                  

Goodwin, Edward                  

Gowen, John               

Greenwood, Mary      

Hatton, Joseph                      Henry, William                       

Herbert, John             

Hibbs, Peter               

Holmes, Susannah                 

Huffnell, Susannah               

Kable, Henry 

Lucas, Nathaniel                    

Martin, Ann                

Martin, John               

Meredith, Frederick              

Miles/Myles/Moyles, Edward      Munro, Lydia             

Nash, William             

Nicholls, John             

Parker, Mary              

Partridge, Richard                 

Peaulet, James                       

Phillips, Mary             

Pugh, Edward                        

Pulley, Elizabeth                    

Randall, John             

Rope, Anthony                       

Rowe, John                 

Small, John                 

Smith, Hannah                       

Smith, Thomas                       

Spencer, Thomas                   

Squire, James

Stephens/Morris, John         

Thomas, Elizabeth                 

Tunks, William                       

Tuzo, Joseph

Watson, Robert                      

Whiting, William                    

Williams, James                     

Williams, Robert                    

Wright, Joseph           

There are members of FFF Hawkesbury Nepean Chapter that are descended from the above First Fleeters.  If you are interested in contacting a member of our Chapter with whom you have a common First Fleeter, please use the contact tab found on our home page.  Our Chapter Secretary will then forward your details to the member or members concerned.  We gladly provide this service to assist people in furthering their common interests.

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